We Come To You for Lifeline Replacement Lifelines are the safety net to keeping crew members onboard.  Don’t delay replacing lifelines that have cracked coverings and corroded ends.  Let us swage your lifelines on site using our hi-tech Marine swager, as a swaged lifeline fitting is vastly superior to hand crimping. Quality ~ Integrity ~ Onsite Service    Phone 978-287-0060      North East Rigging Systems LLC Lifeline Materials We use only top quality materials when constructing lifelines.  Either Johnson Marine or Navtec fittings are used in our lifelines.  All wire and fittings are 316 stainless steel.  For added safety and peace of mind, we recommend only swedged lifeline fittings. Swage Fittings A Machine Swage Fitting is attached to the cable by a swaging machine which cold forms the fitting directly to the cable. A swage fitting should not be confused with Hand Crimp fittings or other hand tool applied fittings. A specialized swaging machine is the only way to attach swage fittings to cable. When To Replace Lifelines Inspect lifelines annually.  Vinyl coated lifelines are subject to cracking and corrosion, particularly in the area where the wire meets the swage fitting.  Corrosion forms under the vinyl coating and often goes unnoticed until the lifeline breaks. Coated or Uncoated Lifelines Traditionally lifelines have been made of 7X7 white vinyl coated cable.  The smooth cable is easy to grab onto and gives a traditional look.  Boats racing under ISAF or ORC regulations must use uncoated stainless steel cable. Add A Seconded Lifeline For additional safety, double lifelines can easily be added with stanchion eyes and pulpit anchors.  If your stanchions are in need of replacement, we can order stanchions made for double lifelines. Lifeline Gates Find the need for a Lifeline Gate or want a gate on both port and starboard sides?  We can add an additional stanchion with a  brace to accommodate a lifeline gate.  We’ll add a swivel single gate eye and one swivel interlocking gate eye and a pelican hook.  Ship Your Lifeline To Us If your present lifelines fit correctly, you may want to mark the position of the turnbuckles, remove the lifelines from the boat and send them to us.  Existing turnbuckles and pelican hooks may be reused but send them along and we’ll inspect them too.  Measure Twice Cut Once Portable Swedge Machine Pelican Hook Safety Closures Stainless Steel Wire Types   © All Rights Reserved 2012 North East Rigging Systems LLC 277 Baker Avenue Concord, MA 01742  Phone 978-287-0060                            Web Design Stott Marketing Group Turnbuckles  For Correct Tensioning Lifelines Click Images to Enlarge