Quality ~ Integrity ~ Onsite Service  Cruise Control   Phone 978-287-0060 © All Rights Reserved 2012 Northeast East Rigging Systems LLC 277 Baker Avenue Concord, MA 01742  Phone 978-287-0060                            Web Design Stott Marketing Group Install Harken Radial electric winches and keep your cool - push button control puts shorthanded sailing or a relaxed evening cruise right at your fingertips. New Radial winches are designed for safety, smooth easing, and simple maintenance. Buy electric or easily upgrade a manual version with power. Even owners of smaller boats can enjoy effortless winching; the Radial Unipower’s compact motor conserves headroom in the smallest of cabins. The Radial Rewind does all the work for a totally hands-off affair.  Install the controls anywhere to sheet in AND out with the touch of a button. Quality ~ Integrity ~ Onsite Service    Phone 978-287-0060      North East Rigging Systems LLC Radial ® UniPower Rewind