Quality ~ Integrity ~ Onsite Service  Not All Anchor Chain is Created the Same  Selecting the right anchor rode is important to a comfortable nights sleep when on the hook.  Whether your coastal cruising New England, anchoring in the Caribbean or South Pacific, choosing the right ground tackle for your type of anchoring is crucial to your safety.   Phone 978-287-0060 Quality ~ Integrity ~ Onsite Service    Phone 978-287-0060      North East Rigging Systems LLC Call for Special Pricing on Pail, Half Drum or Drum Size Orders Choosing the right ground tackle for your boat depends on how you plan to use your boat.  The length and weight of your boat, where you will be anchoring and the type and style of your anchor and windlass are all considerations to choosing the right ground tackle.  Should you have an all rope rode, or a combination of rope and chain or an all chain rode?  Consideration is given to additional weight in the bow from heavy ground tackle.  Should you use BBB chain or High Test?  What working loads limits (WLL) is right for your style of anchoring? Once you have purchased chain and had it cut to a special length and if it turns out not to be the right chain for your boat or your windlass gypsy, it may not be returnable.  North East Rigging Systems is experienced outfitting boats with the right ground tackle the first time. Call for a free evaluation and price quote. Ground Tackle Specials   FREE Custom Anchor Snubber with chain hook included with complete ground tackle systems.  Custom Anchor SNUBBERS © All Rights Reserved 2012 Northeast East Rigging Systems LLC 277 Baker Avenue Concord, MA 01742  Phone 978-287-0060                            Web Design Stott Marketing Group