Quality ~ Integrity ~ Onsite Service  Lewmar Anchors Lead the World in Innovation Engineering Lewmar anchors are in a range that provides a solution for any anchoring requirement. The range encompasses galvanized, stainless steel, dropped forged and fabricated anchors. Each model displays unique design features making it easy to find the anchor specific to your needs   Phone 978-287-0060 © All Rights Reserved 2012 Northeast East Rigging Systems LLC 277 Baker Avenue Concord, MA 01742  Phone 978-287-0060                            Web Design Stott Marketing Group The Delta anchor’s unique shank profile and ballasted tip make the Delta anchor self-launching. The low center of gravity and self-righting geometry ensure that the Delta anchor will set immediately. Consistent and reliable in performance, the Delta anchor has Lloyd's Register Type Approval as a High Holding Power anchor and is specified as the primary anchor used by numerous National Lifeboat organizations. Also available in premium grade Duplex/High Tensile stainless steel. All Delta anchors are "guaranteed for life against breakage". Lloyd's Test Certification is available for individual Delta anchors by arrangement. **Damage by deformation or bending is not covered by this guarantee. Manufactured from high grade manganese steel. Self launching Lloyd's Register Type Approval Guaranteed for life against Breakage Lloyd's Test Certification available The C.Q.R.™ anchor has gained legendary status for its superior performance. The original drop-forged construction of the C.Q.R.™ anchor increases its strength and reliability under load – a genuine C.Q.R.™ anchor will not break. Its hinged shank delivers consistent setting and holding even in the very worst conditions. The C.Q.R.™ anchor is guaranteed for life against breakage* and has Lloyd’s Approval** as a High Holding Power anchor. *Damage by deformation or bending is not covered by this guarantee. **Lloyd’s Test Certification is available for individual C.Q.R.™ anchors by arrangement. Claw anchor design is based on anchors used to secure oil rigs in the North Sea. The Claw anchor is constructed of high-grade steel cast in a single piece.  The Claw anchor sets effortlessly and holds in a variety of sea beds and stows easily on the bow roller of most boats. Manufactured from high grade steel Single piece cast Suitable for use on various sea beds Bow roller store-able Quality ~ Integrity ~ Onsite Service    Phone 978-287-0060      North East Rigging Systems LLC